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3DS: Castlevania: LoS: Mirror of Fate Review


Well it’s been five years since a new Castlevania game has graced a hand held system. In that time we have seen the multi-player Harmony of Despair on PSN and XBL and a revamp of the franchise in the platforming/action

First Impressions: Castlevania LoS: Mirror of Fate


February 28th brought all of us 3DS owners a treat as the Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate demo was made available on the 3DS E-Shop. While the name may be a mouthful, the game as I can see

3DS: Code of Princess Review

Code of Princess Splash

Code of Princess is a 2D Sides Scrolling beat’em up that allows you to switch planes, foreground middle, and background. The game also features some small RPG elements. Released October 9th, 2012 Published by Atlus Developed by Agashima Rated  E for Everybody

3DS: Kid Icarus Uprising Review

Kid Icarus Feature Image

Finally the return of Kid Icarus! After a 21 year hiatus from gaming (outside a guest appearance or two) Pit is back in his own adventure and this time it’s on the Nintendo 3DS. Medusa has returned and Goddess Paletuna

Super Mario 3D Land


For those looking for a reason (or another reason) to go out and get a 3DS please continue reading. For those that don’t have the money to spend or are looking to hate a good game in general, you may