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Editorial: Are Free Apps Really Free?

Editorial: Are Free Apps Really Free?

Are free Apps really free? They are advertised as being “free.” When you download them from the App Store they don’t charge you a single penny but are these games really “free” like we’re being lead to believe? Written by:

Well That’s Horse****


GP Community Member Spottswoode takes on EA’s Online Pass in regards to servers in his latest Blog. Our very own Spottswoode takes on another problem with the wonders of the online pass in his latest blunt blog titled “Well That’s

Gamer’s Perspective March Madness Contest!

March Madness 2012

  Here’s your chance to match up against some of the writers and fellow members on the Gamer’s Perspective Forums and win a $20 Gift Card for your System of Choice. (PSN, XBLA, or Wii Points) Let the Madness Begin!

Podcast: NT3000 #1


NT3 15 by Thenerdtalk3000 on Mixcloud This Week’s Podcast will include the Topics: Tekken Hybrid Review Skyrim Review Fighting Game Intros and their Stories Forgetting what the inside of our game cases look like Why does Anime have spoilers in