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PC/MAC: Guild Wars 2 Review

Guild Wars 2 Dragon

Since the days of EverQuest, persistent online worlds have become increasingly complex. Filled with thousands (even millions) of players, hundreds of quests, and more and more activities to keep these worlds populated. Released August 28, 2012 Published by NCsoft Developed

PC: Diablo III Review

Diablo III Logo

“The path to paradise begins in hell.” The above quote from “Dante’s Inferno” may fit the beginning of the Diablo franchise quite well. The franchise itself spans three games and fifteen years. Released May 15, 2012 Published by Blizzard Entertainment

PC/MAC: Left 4 Dead

left 4 dead

Co-op in most games, especially shooters, is usually not just an after-thought, but completely off the radar of most developers. The usually shared or split screen multiplayer seems to be a rarity as well and it feels like the best

PC/MAC: Command & Conquer: Generals

Command  Conquer Generals

This is the latest title in the Command and Conquer series and has a lot to live up to after games such as Red Alert 2 were a resounding success. There are no ridiculous stories this time around, no time-travelling

PC/MAC: Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords

Galactic Civilizations II Dread Lords

As the title suggests, this game is about you trying to colonize the universe as you’re chosen race. If you want a deep, difficult simulation game, with endless replay ability, look no further. Released February 14, 2007 Published by Stardock

PC/MAC: Soldier Front

Soldier Front

Soldier Front is a free First Person Shooter online game originally developed in Korea. In 2006, Dragon Fly decided to bring Soldier Front to the United States. I first heard of Solider Front though the website, where other free

PC/MAC: Marathon Infinity

Marathon Infinity

The plot is seen as very confusing and sometimes non-existent. In the so-called- story in the single player mode the title of it is “Blood Tides of Lh’owon.” It is believed that this game shows what went on as if

PC/MAC: Marathon 2: Durandal

Marathon 2 Durandal

Seventeen years have passed since the events of the Marathon invasion. Durandal, one of the three A.Is from the Marathon, sends the player and an army of ex-colonists to search the ruins of Lh’owon, the S’pht home-world. He does not

PC/MAC: Rome: Total War

Rome Total War

Rome is a new version of the real time strategy series Total War. This time you control various factions and cultures during Roman times, more on that later on. The game does a lot of things right and a lot

PC/MAC: Marathon


Marathon takes place in the year 2794 aboard a large, Multi-generational colony spacecraft called the U.E.S.C. (United Earth Space Council) Marathon. The ship was converted from Demios, one of Mars’ two moons. The plot of the story sets the player