Gaming Apps: The Croods Review

Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, have come out with a new game called Croods. This App game is based on the movie that recently came out by Dreamworks.


Released March 18th , 2013
Published by Rovio
Developed by Rovio

Reviewed by: LightSaberEnvy | Gamer’s Perspective Writer/Editor

Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, have come out with a new game called Croods. This App game is based on the movie that recently came out by Dreamworks. The game is based on the first “modern” caveman family who rely on each other in order to survive and evolve.

The Croods are a family, a dysfunctional family at that. Dad (Grug) fears change, Mom (Ugga) goes with the flow, Gran (the mother-in-law) likes to boss Grug around, and the kids…well, they are kids. In the beginning of the App game you are introduced to Grug, Ugga, and Gran. These are the three characters you get to interact with until you level up and get introduced to the other family members.

This game requires both time and patience. You’re not going to get anywhere quickly. If you think you are, you might as well step away from this App and look for another one to play. This App runs similar to the Simpson’s Tapped Out.

Grug is your trapper and builder. He’ll build the animal homes and he’ll build the traps to capture the wild animals. Once he has trapped these wild animals, he will tame them in the pen. Once the animals are tamed, they will move to their new homes.

Grug also has Invention tasks that you will have to work through. The first will be a bridge and you will have to work up the products needed in order to complete that task. The next will be a forklift to rescue his son from beneath a large rock. Each task will require the products that the wild animals produce, so you’ll need to catch and tame a lot of them!

Ugga is your trade shop. You’ll give her the goods that the animals produce and in return she’ll give you soup which allows your animals to grow (thus produce more goods). She’ll ask for various ingredients for her soup and you have two choices. Either give her the ingredients or refresh for a new recipe. Once you have given her the ingredients she will hand over soup and money. The money given out is a sliding scale depending on the importance of the ingredient she asked for.


Gran is the task master. She gives you tasks that need to be filled. Once you fulfilled the task you’ll gain money and experience points. More experience points helps you to level up. Each time you level up there are new tasks to be mastered. Some of the tasks require lots of money, which means you need to be trading with Ugga.

If you find yourself with more money than you know what to do with, you can always go into the menu and accessorize your landscape. Some of these items are tasks that Gran sets out for you, others you do because you want your area to look nicer. I didn’t find myself doing this very many times as you need the money to build traps and homes, both costing A LOT.

The graphics are bright, clear, and nice to look at. The landscape fills up quickly with wild animal homes and I find the screen crowded. This App also uses Gems (which you earn or pay real money for) and I found myself accidentally using them without meaning to. This happened every single time because my homes were too close together and the button “use Gems to complete task” was too easily pressed. This was maddening.

Overall this game was fun to start and easy to maneuver. This game does take a lot of time and patience as you’re always waiting for the berry bush to produce berries so that you can feed them to Molarbear so that they can produce carrots that you feed to both the Bunny Beasts and Giralephants. The list goes on and on. I’m slowly working up the levels so that I can see what comes next.

Maybe I should check out the movie?

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