Gaming Apps: The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Oh come on. You can’t be surprised. In this day and age EVERYTHING is getting its own game, if not series, on some gaming console or another.


Released March 1st, 2012
Published by EA Mobile 
Developed by EA Mobile

Reviewed by: LightSaberEnvy | Gamer’s Perspective Writer/Editor

Oh come on. You can’t be surprised. In this day and age EVERYTHING is getting its own game, if not series, on some gaming console or another. It’s really not a surprise that there’s a “modern” Simpsons gaming App.

The question is…is it any good and is it worth your time?

Think Sim City mixed with the Simpsons and you have what this game is, sort of. Homer blows up the original Springfield by being the ever-attentive employee at the power plant. In most families this would spell the demise of the world and it would be the end of the story. Not for Springfield and especially not for the Simpsons.

Springfield is waiting on Homer, err….you, to rebuild it. You can build it to suit your needs, rearrange it, delete stores/houses/buildings buy land, signs, decorations, etc to make it look however you want it to. This is the fun part when you have the money to spend on these items. Some items are pretty spendy, so be prepared to wait while your bank accounts adds up.

Once you start building houses and buildings, you’ll start to collect money. Each house/building has its own timer so they never come due at the same time. They also produce different incomes, so make sure you’re building some that will generate large sums of money for you.

The more you rebuild Springfield, more of the characters you know and love will return. Each one of them has a certain criteria you have to meet before they will appear so make sure to build the houses/buildings and do the little missions as they are prompted for you to do.

As you gain characters in Springfield you’ll see that the “jobs” or “activities” they can do (when you tap them) grows. Each character also earns you money as long as you set them to task. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll see little references spread out throughout the game.

The sound clips are fun to hear at first but then get repetitive. The only way to shut them off is to turn off the sound. I found that I started doing this after a short while and just listened to the TV or music of my choosing instead of the repetitive quotes and groans from the characters when you make them do things.

The touch screen is nice but can get a little frustrating at times. When you’re trying to move items around that are close to each other…well, chances are an item you DIDN’T want to move will be highlighted before the item you actually wanted to move will be. DOH!

In-App purchases. Yes….it has it. It wouldn’t be an App game without it, would it? In Simpsons Tapped Out you can buy “donuts” to purchase specialty items. These items you can’t get unless you spend the money. I have yet to do so and I am not looking to do it. You can earn donuts by digging them up when cleaning up newly purchased land or by completing missions.

There are a couple of updates around Holidays that are fun to do. One was before Halloween, before Christmas, and before Valentine’s Day. In this they are able to change the season, add some references to the show, and keep you interested in the game.

The social part of the game is to add friends so you can visit their Springfield, help them out, and collect items. The more friends you have, the more items you could pick up which helps your Springfield out. This works in reverse to if your friends visit your town and leave you items.

Overall this was a fun game that could be played on your own or with the friends you add when you visit them. I’m always looking for new friends on these social apps, so feel free to hit me up. My son is too young to know who the Simpsons are but good enough with an iPad to be able to move things around, set characters to task, and collect money. He found some of the quotes and actions funny so he had a good time as well.

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