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Gaming Apps: Ruzzle

Ruzzle Logo

Another word game against friends? Bring it on baby. Ruzzle is a game that you play against friends or opponents online unless you buy the ad-free version where you can do practice mode until it’s your turn in a game.

Gaming Apps: Scrabble for iPad Review


I don’t know about you guys but I grew up with Scrabble. I’ve been a fan since as long as I can remember. I’ve always been a voracious reader and playing Scrabble just came naturally to me. Released April 3rd,

Gaming Apps: Anagram Twist – Jumble and Unscramble Text


Anagram Twist. The game is what the game title says. It’s a game about anagrams and you twist the tiles around to make words. Sounds simple enough, yes? Does it shine in its simplicity or does it falter? Released December

App Gaming: Words with Friends

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is pretty much Scrabble….with friends or not with friends. It’s up to you to pick who you want to play with! Released April 01, 2010 Published by Newtoy, Inc Developed by NewToy, Inc Rated E for Everyone