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Xbox360: Avatar: The Burning Earth Review

Avatar the Burning Earth

I, personally, think it would be pretty cool to have control over the 4 elements of earth (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire). I mean…come on, how many people can claim that? How many could claim it and not be corrupted

Xbox360: Poker Smash Review (XBLA)


Poker + Puzzle game = Poker Smash! If you like poker but thought it needed a jolt of adrenaline, this may be what you’re looking for. Moving blocks, jewels, or other random pieces around the board won’t be found in

Xbox360: The Simpsons Arcade Review (XBLA)

The Simpsons Arcade

Who doesn’t know of the Simpson’s? A lot of us grew up with them and most of us don’t know a primetime Sunday evening without the show airing. I remember when they were still on the Tracy Ullman show and

Xbox360: The Darkness

The Darkness

The Darkness is a game based upon a popular comic book series. Aptly named, The Darkness is well, dark and I mean really dark. The game mostly takes place at night during the course of what seems a couple months

Xbox360: LEGO Indiana Jones

Lego Indiana Jones

After tackling the Star Wars franchise Traveller’s Tales set their focus on the world of Indiana Jones in the same LEGO spirit. The end result is a game you will love and hate at the same time. Released June 03,

Xbox360: LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars

Lego Stars is back and it’s better than ever. Did I just say that? Let me say it again. Lego Star Wars is back….AND it’s better than ever. Lego Star Wars has taken a pretty big leap from the previous

Xbox360: Skate


Wow….is what I first thought upon playing the first few minutes of the game! Skate boarding games have been a game I have avoided since skate or die in the early days of consoles. The stale repetitive feel of skateboarding

Xbox360: Fight Night Round 3

Fight Night Round 3

Boxing is far and away my most favoritest sport. I think it’s much more exciting to watch than most sports and one of my favorite games of all time is Punch-Out for the NES. Needless to say, this game is

Xbox360: Halo 3

Halo 3

Halo is back. Halo is back and with fury. The game starts as Master Chief crash lands on earth…literally. It’s from that moment on that you take the reigns. As soon as you get on your feet, you lock and

Xbox360: Earth Defense Force 2017

Earth Defense Force 2017

Cheesiness has a new name and a rather long one at that. The Earth Defense Force 2017 is a futuristic game in the here and now. The planet is being invaded by aliens and it’s up to the Earth Defense